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Air Oil Lubrication Systems are ideal for locations requiring precise delivery of oil. Following is a list of principles that have guided Shaan Lube in the development of Air Oil Lubrication Systems for rolling mills

Continuous lubrication in the bearings. Physical control of oil volume injected Low consumption of oil and air
Ability to pulverize any oil viscosity
Ease in adapting to changes which, during the life of a roll line, are introduced
A system, easy to maintain and technically simple and is able to be within the reach of non-specialized maintenance
Achieve a continuous pulverization, which does not produce contaminating mist
A simple installation, thus adapting to the current needs of the rolling mills, with rapid change of cylinders or complete stands

The afore listed principles have led Shaan Lube in association with Nortek SA of Spain, global leaders in Air Oil Lubrication systems, to plan three systems for rolling mills-

Single Line system

Single Line system is suitable for installations where the oil has a viscosity of less than 1500 cSt. This system is suitable for very quick bearings and it can easily be extended, there is no expansion limit. This system is the most economical.

Progressive system

Progressive system is suitable for installations with few lubricating points and which must not be modified. Any oil viscosity can be pumped and a physical control of the injection can be made.

Double Line + Air/Oil Progressive system

Double Line + Air/Oil Progressive system is the most suitable for complete installations of wire, profile, plate mills, etc. It has certain advantages like – no extension limit, only one pumping group, no limit to the oil viscosity to be lubricated, provision for physical control of the injection and has dividers (special instruments, developed to distribute the oil in large-sized riders), normally used in plate mills, where oil has to be distributed from one inlet to several lubrication points of chock (axials, two radials, retailers).