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Shaan Lube offers Centralized Lubrication Systems that lower operating costs, increase machine life and improve your bottom-line. From concept to completion, we offer a complete solution for your oil lubrication needs. Staffed by a dedicated team of engineers and technicians with years of experience, we ensure quality products that are engineered to meet Indian and International standards. We also promise to meet the practical requirements of different industry verticals.

Our Centralized Lubrication Systems are self-contained and deliver the required flow of clean lubricating oil at the optimum temperature and pressure to bearings, gear boxes and other rotating industrial equipments at your plant(s). Our systems are incorporated as original equipment by manufacturers of heavy duty motors, iron & steel mills, paper machinery, etc.

Wide range of applications

Our Centralized Lubrications Systems find a multitude of applications that include:
Lube Systems for Rolling Mill Bearings
Gear Box Lube Systems
Morgoil Lubrication Systems
Prejacking Cum Lube Systems for Cement Plants
Lubrication Systems for Large Motors
Lubrication Systems for Steam Turbines
Pump Lubrication Systems for Large Capacity Centrifugal Pumps

Shaan Lubrication Systems are designed to meet a wide range of operating parameters to suit individual needs – capacity ranges from 5 LPM to 3000 LPM of oil flow and operating pressure from 1 bar to 15 bars, depending upon the requirement.

Morgoil Bearing Lubrication Systems

Our Morgoil Lubrication Systems ensure controlled supply of lubrication to the bearings, thus extending the bearing life and saving expensive down time and replacement costs. These systems minimize water ingress and help maintain optimum temperature and pressure. Given the fact that bearings are extremely expensive, our Morgoil Systems are the right fit to extend bearing life and serviceability.

Prejacking and Lubrication Systems

Our Prejacking and Lubrication Systems are used in locations where the shafts of heavily loaded bearings need to be lifted before starting the mill. These systems supply both hydro-static and hydro-dynamic lubrication to the machinery.

Our Prejacking and Lubrication Systems ensure the serviceability of your plant and equipment over the long haul. They offer economies of continued operation and lower cost of ownership, due to extended service life of the equipment. Prejacking and lubrication systems are commonly used in mills, cement kilns, power turbines etc.