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A Descaling System is mainly employed in the manufacture of steel. Shaan-Nortek offers high quality & precision descaling systems.

During the manufacture of rolled steel, the metal is typically heated in a furnace to a predetermined temperature. Thereafter, prior to rolling, oxidation and scale formations that develop on surfaces of the steel must be removed, as a result, we have the need for descaling. In descaling steel, a high pressure liquid, such as water or the like, is typically directed toward the surface of the steel via a plurality of jet nozzles in order to remove the scales and/or oxidation. Multi-stage descaling pumps are used in forwarding liquid under pressure to the nozzles from a reservoir.

For e.g. when a strip of hot steel is rolled by a rolling/roughing mill, scale develops on the surface of the hot strip which must be removed. The strip is passed over a bending roller which bends the strip and causes cracks in the scale. Then water is injected onto the strip to wash the roller and lift off the scale. The water and scale leave the surface of the strip and pass to a collection device whose water collecting surface is out of contact with the strip. In this way the time of contact of the water with the strip can be kept short and the strip is not damaged by contact with the collection device.

Shaan-Nortek’s Descaling Systems use high pressure water jets to effectively eliminate scales and are ideally suited for application in mills that roll hot metal plates, ingots, pipes, blooms & slabs.