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Economic realities demand that every effort must be made to maximize the efficiency and improve product quality at low initial cost with fewer breakdowns and replacement cost.

Heat Exchangers play an important role in the industrial lubrication systems. It is very difficult to measure the heat exchanger's efficiency as; a minute change in any of the process parameters/physical properties of the medium, will affect the heat exchanger's performance, which makes it very vital that the heat exchanger be correctly designed and manufactured. Shaan designs & manufactures heat exchangers for lubrication oil with water as cooling medium.

Shaan Lube’s Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers are idyllically designed to meet specific process and mechanical requirements without sacrificing cost effectiveness. After studying the process conditions, pertaining to the fluids, the process design is optimized with the help of computers. The most suitable heat exchanger is selected considering the critical aspects such as fouling factor and pressure drops. Computers are used extensively for the preparation of drawings. The heat exchangers are designed generally as per TEMA code. The mechanical design takes into consideration the strength for tube expansion joints depending on working pressure & temperature, baffle cut to ensure good turbulence and required pressure drops, depending on the process fluids.

Features of Shaan’s Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Types Fixed Tube sheet, External Floating Head
Position Horizontal or Vertical
Code Generally as per TEMA Standard
Shell Diameters 100 to 600 mm
Tube Lengths 0.5 m to 3 m
Design Pressure Upto 10 kg/cm2G
Tube Materials Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel