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Shaan-Nortek’s Magnetic Separators are used in the Roll Coolant Systems. In cold rolling process of rolling a steel strip, the coolants become contaminated with ferrous particles and tramp oil over a time period. These contaminants can cause wear of roll, requiring change of rolls resulting in production loss and also the quality of the product.

The Shaan Nortek Magnetic Separator is designed with a series of magnetic horizontal bars. This chain of bars is driven through a separate drive arrangement. All the bars are arranged in parallel forming a powerful magnetic grid through which the dirty coolant can pass through. The ferrous particles in the dirty coolant are attached to the magnetic bars. These particles are then removed by wipers. The collected particles are drained by gravity, which can be stored in a waste collection bin/tank.

Shaan Lube aids its clients in choosing their ideal magnetic separator after keying in different process requirement.