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Shaan’s bearing lubrication systems are designed for high demand bearing applications such as metal rolling, high end gearboxes and other high pressure, high temperature applications. Shaan has worked closely with leading bearing manufacturers to develop high quality bearing lubrication systems that extend bearing life, reduce maintenance cost, reduce down time, limit loss of production and reduce total cost of ownership. Our systems have been selected by all major Mill Builders including Siemens VAI, Morgan USA, Danielli, Pomini, SMS Demag, SMS Meer, CMI, Tenova and many others.

Proper bearing lubrication is very important to protect your investment in your machinery, extend bearing life and improve the quality of your end product. According to a recent study, 58% of bearing failures occur due to improper lubrication. And bearings are expensive to repair and replace.

Bearing life is strongly influenced by temperature control, cleanliness of lubricant and elimination of water contamination in lubricant. Temperature excursions beyond the target operating range for the bearings cause significant reduction in bearing life. Similarly, even small amounts of solid contaminants in the lubricant can cause significant abrasive wear in the bearing, indentation in the raceways and deformity in the rolled material. It has been shown that a 100 micron solid contaminant in the lubrication oil can decrease bearing life by over 50%. Water contamination in lubrication oil, whether free, dispersed or in emulsion form, reduces the efficiency of the lubricant by corrosion, oxidation and hydrolysis of sulfur bonded with the lubricant. It has been shown that lubrication with such aqueous lubrication oils significantly reduces bearing life and increases corrosion of lubricated surfaces.

Shaan’s systems are designed to give you a high degree of control over the oil temperature. In very demanding application, our systems are even designed to control temperature to within +/- 0.5 degree Celsius.

To eliminate contamination, Shaan employs a patented reservoir design and advanced multi-stage filteration to increase settling time, eliminate solid contamination and remove water contamination. For more demanding applications, we provide an advanced level of instrumentation including capacitance controlled water sensors and closed loop control. To remove emulsified water in oil, Shaan also provides a state of art Vacuum Dehydrator unit that processes the oil in the reservoir in a kidney loop configuration.

By maintaining optimum temperature and reducing or eliminating solid and liquid contamination, our Lubrication systems become an extension of your machinery and help enhance the bearing life and serviceability of your machinery.

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