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Shaan Lube’s Prejacking Systems finds utility in cement / mining / power plants for ball mill prejacking and bearing lubrication. The ball mills are rested on two bearings. While starting the mill, the ball mill has to be lifted off the bearings with high pressure oil to avoid a huge starting torque. Once the mill is lifted and starts rotating the low pressure lubrication system can take over. The same procedure can be reversed while stopping the mill.

System Description

The Prejacking cum Oil Lubrication System is designed for prejacking and feeding clean lubrication oil to the bearings. The system consists of high pressure pump for prejacking and low pressure pump for lubrication. In the high pressure circuit a pressure gauge & a pressure switch is provided for monitoring the pressure. In the low pressure lubrication circuit - filter, heat exchanger, temperature gauges, pressure gauges, pressure switch & isolation valves are provided. The instrument and gauges are used for monitoring the process parameters.

System Operation

While starting the mill, the mill along with its load is required to be lifted off its bearing (prejacking operation) with high pressure oil. The high pressure pump is started and once the desired high pressure is achieved the necessary signal is given to the mill motor control for starting the mill. Simultaneously the low pressure lube oil pump is started for normal lubrication and the high pressure pump is stopped.