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Shaan Lube’s offering also includes state-of-the-art screw pumps for a host of lubricating operations. It has partnered with its exclusive technology & manufacturing partner – Nortek SA of Spain – a pioneer in lubricating technology to provide these screw pumps to its potential clients.

Operational Overview

The Nortek Screw Pumps have a three spindle rotation that creates multiple sets of moving seals from suction to discharge. These sets of seals form fully enclosed cavities moving axially & softly from inlet to outlet. This type of pumping design and construction enables noiseless fluid handling without pressure pulsations and turbulence. Therefore, they can rotate at higher rotation speeds with reliance. These self-priming positive displacement pumps have three spindles, one driving and two driven or idle spindles.


The pumped fluid must be clean, lubricating and non-corrosive to ferrous metals. They are mainly applied for lube-oil pumping and fuel pumping (diesel/fuel). Viscosities range from 2 to 1500 cSt (mm2/s). The prime forbidden fluids include water, alcohols, benzol, dilute acids, etc.

Pump Type Selection

Pump size selection is made in accordance to capacity and rotating speed as well as fluid viscosity and working pressure. Pre selection tables are available on request.

Important points to note –
The driving motor power must be equal or bigger than pump consumed power at maximum viscosity and minimum working fluid temperature, on installation.
The pump suction capacity depends on the rotating speed and fluid viscosity. Therefore, in all cases, the pump suction capacity must be higher than the installation suction height.
At low fluid viscosity usually between 2 and 20 cSt (mm2/s), the maximum working pressure should be reduced.